Frequently Asked Questions

1. What qualifications does a firm need to become a member of EACC?

EACC has 4 Membership Categories;

Pre-Qualified Contractors
General Members

Please view our Membership Application and the qualifications required per Member category.

2. Who audits and verifies the submitted qualifications and determines if the statement of qualifications is factual and that it truly meets the minimum requirements?

All Membership Applications are audited and verified by the Membership Committee, which consist of members of the EACC Board of Directors.

3. Does EACC have an ethical standard that it holds its members to? If it does, is there a discipline process for members who violate that standard?

The EACC Board of Directors may suspend, cancel membership of, censure, or reprimand any member who has been guilty of conduct prejudicial to the objects of the Association, breach of the Constitution or By-laws. The Board of Directors shall not take any such action until after a complaint in writing has been filed with the Secretary and a copy forwarded to the member, and the member has been given an opportunity of submitting evidence in making representation in his defence in such manner as the Board of Directors may prescribe.

> EACC’s Code of Ethics

4. Once a firm becomes a member, does it need to verify that it still qualifies to remain a member?
The Status of a member company is reviewed by the Board of Directors, on an as needed basis, to ensure compliance with EACC’s membership requirements are being maintained.
5. When EACC prepares a Guideline document, is it peer reviewed by another technical authority not associated by EACC?
In most instances EACC Guidelines are prepared by industry experts and a committee of experts with differing experiences, adding to the diversity of review from many different perspectives. Most of the committees have members from peer organizations such as EACC and bring that experience to the review process.
6. What committees does EACC currently have? What issues are they addressing?

Raj Singh, T. Harris Environmental Management
David Bremner, Environmental Response Team

Martin Ling, Stantec

Norine Jones, Power Environmental/Power Vac Services

Designated Substances and Hazardous Materials Assessments
Steve Fulford, Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions

Glenn Smith, Safetech Environmental Limited

Indoor Air Quality
Rob Robinson, Stantec
Richard Quenneville, T. Harris Environmental Management

Infection Control
Pete Ferrante, Ferro Canada

Bruce Decker, BGIS

Marketing & Programs
Sarah Jamieson, EMSL Canada, Inc.

Glenn Smith, Safetech Environmental Limited

Glenn Smith, Safetech Environmental Limited

Opioid Remediation
Suzanne Wilde, Stantec
Jen Francis, GHD

Preventing Water Damage During Construction
Raj Singh, T. Harris Environmental Management

Scott Cryer, Pinchin
Bruce Decker, Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions

Jeff Lainsbury, Reveal Environmental Inc.

Steve Fulford, Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions

Worker Hygiene
John Kocjan, Ecoh Environmental Consulting Occupational Health


7. Is it possible to join any committee as an observer, where the member does not have to spend time in contributing outside of attending meetings?
Members may join any committee as an observer, but this is under the discretion of the Committee Chair and is based on the number of available committee member spaces open. Please contact the specific committee chair for more information.
8. Are there any consultants or specifiers who either require membership of EACC or look favorably upon membership in EACC as part of any bid submissions?
There are a number of consultants and/or specifiers who require proof of membership (in good standing) with EACC or look favorably upon EACC membership.
9. Does my main business have to be hazardous materials abatement to join or is it open to others (demolition, specialty or general contractors)?
EACC encourages all persons or companies involved in environmental abatement, whether as a contractor, consultant, general contractor or representative of a building owner, school board or building operator, to become involved in the industry through membership in EACC.
10. Can EACC provide project specific guidance or recommendations?

EACC is not able to provide project-specific guidance or recommendations, such as work procedures for tender purposes. EACC strongly encourages the Building/Project Owner to retain the services of an EACC Consultant Member to provide project-specific Environmental Engineering and Consulting services.


Please send me industry related information from the Environmental Abatement Council of Canada, Canadian Chapter of the EIA, such as events, news, alerts, new guidelines, etc.

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